Recent Exhibits

Taking Shelter: Inside the Motels America’s Homeless Families Call Home

At Gallery 160

Taking Shelter, a project which began in 2014 and continues today, brings a rarely seen glimpse into the world of families surviving in motels and opens a window into understanding how these families are able to make a life while waiting for a home. This intimate portrait captures the love, laughter, tears and strength of these parents and children, in ordinary moments and extraordinary ones. Through a series of captivating images, the lives of the invisible homeless are revealed, dismantling stereotypes, and showing what these resilient people must do to have the things most of us take for granted, like cooking a meal, putting one’s belongings away, even getting a night’s sleep.


The Changing Faces of Cuba

Wellesley Free Library (Main Branch).

This series of photographs and interviews by Belinda Soncini and Kip Langello reflects people going about their daily routine on the island and discussing how the changes between Cuba and the US will affect their lives. This exhibit goes beyond stereotypes and brings us face to face with the diverse identity of the island.