Belinda Soncini is an experienced photographer, photojournalist and storyteller. 

She specializes in photographing people. Her creative portraits are known for their unique sense of intimacy and humanity and their ability to connect with the viewer on many levels.  While dedicated to capturing the best images possible, Belinda’s insistence on bringing positive energy to every shoot has earned her a reputation not only as talented but also affable and enjoyable to work with.  The consistently high quality of her photographs makes her the right choice for projects and assignments where excellent results are critical.

As a humanitarian photographer, she has done work for non-profits and NGOs based in Europe and North America.  She has traveled and photographed extensively throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.  She has worked with refugees, orphans, homeless people and sex trafficking survivors on four continents. 

Since she has worked as an Executive Director of a non-profit herself, she knows the kinds of photographs humanitarian organizations need in order to convey the value of the work they do and to effectively portray their brand to the media, the public and perspective funders.

She is also involved in teaching photography to homeless children as a way to build self-esteem, develop creativity and learn discipline.